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The full and simplified prospectus (and possible changes) has been published in accordance with the Investment Funds Act 1993 in the latest version of the "Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung" and is available free of charge at the ESPA (KAP), at the office of Erste Group Bank AG (custodian bank) and at Sparkasse Schwaz AG (Fund Manager). The exact date of the last publication, as well as any other collection offices are published on the homepage of ERSTE- KAG ( or respectively upon request.

All sales documents are also available in electronic form on this website under "Downloads" on the relevant product pages. However, the content doesn’t have to be conform to the latest version, which is issued by the investment company in charge.

Every investment involves risk. Prices may rise or fall as well. Issue expenses are not included into performance. All information is without guarantee for accuracy and completeness. Please find detailed information concerning the risks and costs of the individual products in the particular prospectuses.


PREMIUM ASSET INVEST invest a significant portion in units of mutual funds (UCITS), derivative instruments (including. Swaps and other OTC derivatives) as well as demand deposits or callable deposits with a maturity not exceeding 12 months as defined in § 72 Investment Fund Act 2011.


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